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Sariel stepped out of the toy store onto the streets of the red light district with a touch of disappointment. Mostly they got things custom made, but sometimes they found commercial worth the money. This place hadn't really lived up to its reputation, though. A shame.

He stretched languidly, the butterfly resting in his dark hair a bright spot of color as it fanned its wings from the move. His eyes skimmed over the other people on the street as he tried to decide whether to go straight home.

Aya-chan waved to him from across the street. She smiled. In bondage pants and banages, the white-haired teen she was standing next to looked like a rentboy for clients with very particular tastes. His single golden eye focused on Sariel with open interest. When the light changed, the crossed to meet up with Sariel.

Sariel smiled, cool but pleased at the sight of his friend, and nodded a greeting to her. His eyes wandered to the teen next to her, the one watching him, and considered him curiously.

Instead of crossing to say hello to Aya-chan, he shifted casually and let himself be approached. He tipped his head in silent questioning.

Aya-chan walked toward him and reached out to give him a hug. The young man with her stopped a short distance away, keeping his distance for now.

"Hi Sar," Aya said, as she moved to nuzzle him.

Sariel's arms slid around her easily to return the hug. As usual, his skin was a bit cool. He pressed a kiss to her cheek in response to the nuzzle.

"Hello, little mouse," he murmured with teasing affection. "It's been some time."

"I am not a little mouse," she protested, but there was no real irritation in it. Sariel felt good, so it took a few moments before she tried to move away. She looked over at Farfarello in a get-over-here kind of way, but he didn't move. She got it, though she found it stubborn. They'd met Sariel more than halfway. If he wanted, he could close the distance. "My headmate wanted to meet you, and I said I'd be happy to introduce you." She looked back at Sariel a little shyly. "Sariel, meet Farfarello."

Farfarello nodded to Sariel. "Hello." Low, rough, and deep voice with an Irish accent.

Sariel hummed in an elaborately unconvinced way at her objection. He gave a last little squeeze before releasing her. One hand lifted to coax the butterfly from his hair and set it fluttering cheerfully around Aya-chan.

"A pleasure to meet you," he purred, lightly flirtatious and sensual without being an overt come on. Sariel stepped towards Farfarello and offered his hand.

Aya-chan giggled at the butterfly.

Farfarello glided toward Sariel, closing the distance. He peeled off one of his fingerless gloves before offering his hand to Sariel. His skin was rough with scars, and like Sariel's, just a little cool. There was something else about him, not quite and electric charge, but like the potential for one existed. There was attraction, interest, and curiosity in the way he looked at Sariel. "I hope it continues to be. The pleasure is mine."

The butterfly's wings brushed her cheek as it fluttered briefly close to her face.

Sariel's hand was smooth, probably more from demonic healing than a lack of things to scar or callous them. There was something appealing to touching Sariel that went past any of the actual physical sensations of it, something he couldn't really turn off. The curiosity and interest in Sariel's dark eyes deepened at the electric potential to Farfarello. He lifted Farfarello's hand and brushed his lips across one of the scars. "I think it could be," he murmured, deliberately leaving which statement he was answering ambiguous.

Aya-chan's eyes fluttered closed for a moment. The butterfly was lovely, but the two men with her were moreso. Flirting already? This was Sariel, but it seemed like a good sign. "Are you busy, Sariel, or can we walk with you?" Aya-chan asked. "Um. Unless you'd rather be alone."

"Don't be foolish now. You stay," Farfarello replied.

"I'm not busy at all," Sariel replied with a smile, not arguing Farfarello's chiding in the least. His thumb brushed over Farfarello's knuckles before he let go of the teen's hand.

"The two of you have actually saved this outing from being rather a waste of my time."

"Time is too precious to waste, even for someone who has eternity," Farfarello replied. "Since we have done you this favor you could repay it with your company."

"A repayment I am happy to grant," Sariel replied, expression mildly amused. He bowed to them both, smoothly graceful.

Farfarello moved to pull Aya-chan close. She yelped, but let him. Farfarello wrapped his arm around her waiste, which made her flush. "Where should we go? This seems like the kind of place where we could get your wee mouse something to share with your cousin and their artist friend."

"I am not a --" And the Aya-chan realized what Farfarello was talking about and blushed harder.

It made Sariel laugh, quiet and brief but real. "I wouldn't recommend that here, I wasn't impressed. I do know an excellent place in France. Haru rather hates it because the proprietor finds him endearingly innocent."

He reached out to take Aya-chan's hand without trying to draw her away from Farfarello. "Perhaps lunch?" he offered mercifully. "I know some excellent restaurants not far from here."

Aya-chan let him take her hand and let out a relieved sigh. "I'd enjoy lunch." She might not mind Sariel's place in France, but just with Sariel. She didn't know Farfarello well enough to be comfortable with that yet.

"My next suggestion was going to be the three of us visit one of these fine hotels," Farfarello said, sliding his hand down her side to rest on her hip. Aya-chan could not tell if he was teasing or serious.

"If you don't behave, I won't go places with you anymore," Aya-chan replied.

"Can't have that. Lunch would be lovely," Farfarello drawled, drawing out the last word.

Sariel didn't even bother trying to hide his amusement. He lifted Aya-chan's hand to kiss it, lips brushing her knuckles in a way that felt much less chaste than it objectively was.

"Lunch it shall be, then. Japanese, Italian, or American?"

Aya-chan's cheeks remained quite pink.

"American? What's that?" Farfarello put on an American accent, which for him meant he tried to sound like Crawford. "Cheese burgers, meatloaf, and Mac and Cheese? " Farfarello did a credible Crawford.

"Among other things," Sariel agreed as he lowered Aya-chan's hand but didn't release it. A small smile was tugging at his lips. "Fried chicken. Steak. I do wonder a bit if the Japanese think cows were an American invention."

"No, we just felt obliged to shoe the Americans better ways of eating them." She squeezed Sariel's hand. "Let's have Italian."

Sariel chuckled and nodded, turning to lead them the right way. He was still holding her hand. His butterfly settled back into his hair after a few excited flutters.

Farfarello reached out to place his hand on top of Aya-chan's. She smiled, and let go after a moment so Farfarello could hold hands with Sariel in place of her.

Sariel didn't seem to mind the switch; his thumb brushed along the side of Farfarello's hand. He seemed content in a comfortable silence as he led them through the streets to the restaurant. It wasn't a tiny hole in the wall place, but an average sized restaurant with large glass windows showing the interior and a small outdoor seating area.

Sariel opened the door and held it for them with a light smile.

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