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The dream had the scratchy, dark quality of an old nior detective movie. What little light there was in the room seemed to be tinted blue. Yohji was sitting up in bed, talking on his cellphone. He was talking to Aya-chan. He'd never spoken to the girl before, but knew her voice anyway. It was similar to Sakura's, but older and more refined.

"Don't go," Aya-chan pleaded. "It was so hard to reach you. I need --" Static. "-- She needs you."

He could see Aya-chan pacing. He was sitting in his bedroom with the phone to his ear, but he could see Aya-chan in a library across the city. She was pacing, and she wasn't alone. There was a woman sitting on the floor, slouched against a self of books. At first all he could see was long, strong legs, then full breasts, then her face. God. Her face. It was Asuka. Not Neu. Neu never looked scared, determined, or defiant. It was Asuka, but she was... Not dead anymore somehow. And it had something to do with Aya-chan somehow.

"We need you. Please help." Dial tone.

The darkness returned to normal. Yohji was still sitting in bed with the phone in his hand, but all he could see was his bedroom wall.

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Jan. 5th, 2014 09:05 am
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Omi patted his knee, and stood to leave, saying he would be back in a few hours to check on Aya and make sure he took the next dose of pain killers. Aya tried not to feel patronized. Fuck it. Fuck Omi. He did feel patronized. He ignored the way pulling on his shirt mage his wound twinge. Yohji had been standing in the doorway, watching Omi bandage him up. He did that sometimes. Aya didn't understand why, but didn't mind the watching, but tended to mind it less when he was clothed. If Aya didn't say something, Yohji would likely just go away eventually. "Do you want something?" Aya asked, glancing over his shoulder.Read more... )


Jan. 2nd, 2014 08:59 pm
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Omi raced toward the line of travelers, the rain pelting his skin cooling him but falling hard enough to bruise. They were easy to see -- a dozen men on horse back and two carriages. One carriage held the king of Goryeo, the other housed his Yuan bride. Omi spotted Aya and Yohji among the other Wu Dal Chi, the Royal Bodyguards. Read more... )